Last night I was reading the 1992 article written by Benjamin Barber (later to be turned into a book) known as Jihad vs. McWorld. However, the entire time I was reading it, all I could think of was the following Spider Jerusalem quote:

“We live in a monoculture. What does that mean? Well, go out to your street corner. You’ll probably see a Long Pig stand, SPKF on a screen somwhere, an Angry Boy Dylan’s Gun Store. You’ll go into a record store and see new recordings by the usual suspects, maybe a special Space Culture display rack.

“Go out on a streetcorner in London and you’ll see the same thing. Same in Prague. Same in Silo Paulo. Same in Osaka, and Grozny, and Tehran, and Jo’burg, and Hobart.

“That’s what a monoculture is. It’s everywhere, and it’s all the same. And it takes up alien cultures and digests them and shits them out in a homogenous building-block shape that fits seamlessly into the vast blank wall of the monoculture. “This is the future. This is what we built. This is what we wanted. It must have been. Because we all had the fucking choice, didn’t we? It is only our money that allows commercial culture to flower. If we didn’t want to live like this, we could have changed it at any time, by not fucking paying for it. “So let’s celebrate by all going out and buying the same burger.”

   –Transmetropolitan, by Warren Ellis


Language is a Drug

I have been musing over Alan Moore’s concept of Aklo in The Courtyard (originally published separately, now found in the Neonomicon graphic novel). For those unfamiliar, the idea which permeates is that Aklo, (a fictional language coined by Machen and furthered by Lovecraft et al), is powerful enough to cause potent change within (and perhaps, without) one’s consciousness — a gateway to alternate dimensions, deep levels of the subconscious, etc.

Each word defined by Moore in the book seems to encapsulate a broad, mystical concept that usually takes a small paragraph in a vernacular, such as English, to properly describe. Hence, each Aklo word is loaded with a series of powerful images and ideas which cause a major shift in consciousness. Each word seems a potent seed or DNA code of sorts — containing the building blocks of psycho-spiritual experience. Now, I feel this idea — the idea of a truly “magickal” language, a “hieratic” script, if you will, can be coupled nicely with Spare’s (and later) Carroll’s concepts of an alphabet of desire. So, I have decided to begin constructing a series of terms for ritual, artistic, and meditational purposes. Afterwards, perhaps, I shall create a series of glyphs or sigils to associate with each term.

I am doing this for various reasons, but most importantly to better grasp my own emotional responses, as well as to better quantify my personal input/output. There are so many “feelings” that lack words to properly describe them, that I am first compiling a list of those “feelings”, and shall be placing terms to them later. I feel this would be a fun and interesting exercise for anyone, and I encourage all to do the same if the mood takes them. Examples of complex terms I shall attempt to create words for:

— A combination of energetic sensitivity, empathy, and partial trance that leads to a sense of longing or loneliness.

— Extreme hyper-sensitivity and over-stimulation, as if each external, sound, scent, or visual stimulus is too great to bear. Usually coupled with a frenetic need to withdraw to a safer, calmer place.

— An aggressive, somewhat desperate feeling of lust. A craving for complete sensory saturation and eventual exhaustion. A need to “devour” one’s lover until collapse.



My friend, the illustrious marine biologist Niels Hobbs, approached me one day and whispered the details of a terrible dream into my ear. One with eldritch, cyclopean, and non-euclidean connotations attached to it. I smiled with blasphemous glee and agreed to support him in his potentially earth-shattering endeavor.

I am very proud to announce that Jay Gidwitz and I shall be teaming up with Neils and his frightening cabal of cultists to help organize NecronomiCON 2013: the premier H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu Mythos Convention and Festival! This one will be taking place in Lovecraft’s (and my) hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. Stay tuned for updates not only concerning the Festival in question (and the various stars, presenters, artists, and miscreants involved), but also stay tuned for a brand new series of Occult (and Lovecraft) inspired art from the two of us.

The Magician photo shoot

Thor: “I’ve got a little light in the basement from my days as a lighting tech I can bring up to make it brighter in here for you guys.”
Jay: “Yeah, if its not too much trouble, that would be awesome.”
Anthony: “Yeah, thanks Thor.”

(Thor wanders down into basement, brings back a small tripod with an oddly-shaped light bulb on the end. He sets it up in the corner of the library.)

Anthony: “That thing’s cool looking.”
Thor: “Yeah, its just the little one. I’ve got a brighter one if you need it.”
Jay: “Well, lets turn it on and see.”

(Thor turns on light.)

Anthony: “Dear Gods! My eyes!”
Jay: “It burns!!”
Thor: “Is that bright enough for you? I can get the bigger one from downstairs if you’d like.”
Anthony: “I don’t know what I’m supposed to see besides pain!”

Quiet, but certainly not idle.

Been working like mad on the Tarot Project. Currently in the works: 2 of Swords, Queen of Wands, Princess of Pentacles, 4 of Swords, 5 of Cups, Justice and The Empress. More cards will be uploaded to Jay’s site very soon.

Also, Mr. Gidwitz and I might very well have a graphic novel in the works. Occult-themed, you ask? But of course.

Tarot a-go-go

The fun never stops, it seems. Awesome photo shoot with Elizabeth (Queen of Swords) yesterday. Julie tomorrow, and two more photo shoots scheduled for next week. Jay and I are perpetually brainstorming, and a proper Magician card is currently in the works as well. We will be showing a few more sneak peaks as things progress. Stay tuned, my dearies.